Some Flat Tummy Tea and 310 Shake

Which is Best to Lose Stubborn Weight – Flat Tummy Tea or 310 Shake?

Flat Tummy Tea  

Flat tummy is intended to help you cleanse your digestive system and reduce bloating. The package contains two types of tea. The activate tea is taken in the morning. It can be taken with or before breakfast. The cleanse tea is taken at nights, but not every night. It’s taken every other night for one week and then every third night for two to four weeks. A single serving of tea is one teaspoon of tea mixed with 8 oz of water.  

According to Flat Tummy company, the Flat tummy activate packet contains leaves from green tea, peppermint, lemon balm, dandelion, and cleavers. It contains dandelion and Licorice roots, fennel and caraway seeds and cardamom pods. The flat tummy cleanse contains cassia Chamaecrista pods, peppermint and senna leaves, roots from dandelion, licorice and rhubarb and caraway seeds.  

According to Flat tummy tea reviews, only the effects of licorice and peppermint are really known. Senna and fennel are said to reduce constipation. It’s not known if the other ingredients actually work. Flat tummy tea contains caffeine, may cause dehydration and will decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. It is not to be taken by pregnant women or children. Flat tummy tea reviews highlight doubt in its ability to aid weight loss. Reviews also claim that the tea is overpriced.  

310 Shake 

310 shake is a meal replacement shake that helps to achieve weight loss. The shake contains 90 calories and has no sugar and artificial sweeteners. It contains probiotics and superfoods for a healthy digestive and immune system. The meal replacement shake is also one of the most affordable on the market. 

The protein blend in 310 shakes contains pea protein powder, brown rice protein, and hemp protein. Pea protein powder helps to curb cravings and helps the body to build muscles. Brown rice protein helps your body to lose fat, lowers cholesterols and keeps blood sugar levels balanced. Hemp protein helps with weight loss by helping to keep you fuller. It also helps with the body’s metabolism. 310 shake also provide whey-based protein in a triplex blend. Whey protein is proven to contain 9 amino acids. This helps your body to build muscles and lose weight.  

310 shake also provides 5 grams of fiber. This helps in easy bowel movements. The shake also contains 20 essential vitamins and mineral to maintain a healthy immune system. The probiotics help to maintain a healthy digestive system.  

Flat Tummy Tea and 310 Shake on a table

Flat Tummy Tea Vs 310 Shake 

Flat tummy tea and 310 shakes are being promoted for weight loss. However, both accomplish weight loss in different ways. Flat Tummy Teas try to cause weight loss by detoxing the body. By eliminating unwanted toxins and reducing bloating weight loss is achieved. However, there are dangerous side effects such as dehydration and depleting the body of much-needed nutrients.  

310 shake accomplish weight loss while nourishing your body to reduce cravings. This will allow a fuller feeling and fewer cravings. The shake also helps you to control calories when it is used to replace at least one high-calorie meal per day. This means your body is not depleted of nutrients while you are on a weight loss program. Additionally, the shake helps to support a balanced diet by providing essential vitamins and minerals for your body. 310 shake supports an overall healthy digestive system. 

Based on this comparison, 310 shake provides a healthier approach to weight loss. It can be used for a longer period under a weight loss program than the flat tummy tea. The flat tummy tea should not be used for long periods due to its laxative effects. In addition, the tea is depleting the body’s nutrient and liquid content which can be dangerous. The tea may be more suited for losing water weight, but 310 shake may be more suited for losing a few pounds.  

Final Decision

The choice to start a weight loss program should be made with the advice of a doctor. It is also advisable to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and an exercise program. The use of a detox tea or meal replacement shake alone will not be an effective and healthy way to lose weight. If you are trying to lose a few pounds, like 5 to 10 pounds or more, a detox tea is probably not the best solution. According to flat tummy tea reviews, it is helpful in reducing bloating and water weight. The tea may be used in instances where you feel bloated or simply need to cleanse. The tea is not used for long periods either. To pursue a safer, nutritional based weight loss program, 310 shake is a better alternative. They can be used for longer and do not deplete the body’s nutrients.