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Common Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Prospects

Common Social Media Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Job Prospects

Have you ever heard a person saying that they are “cleaning up” their social media? Well, this is something that a lot of people often do especially if they are looking for new job opportunities. You can use these networking platforms to take your career to new heights. However, if you are not careful, social media can also be your downfall. So, what are some of the common social media mistakes that people make and their solutions?

What is Social Media?

Social media is an interactive collection if online communication channels that facilitate the creation of content and sharing of information. Apart from sharing ideas, and expressing yourself to a virtual community, these communication channels can also be used for your career interests. Some of the prominent social media sites include:

  • Twitter: it’s a microblogging site that allows members to broadcast short posts that are called tweets.
  • Facebook: a popular site that allows members to post and share information with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • Instagram: this is a photo and video-sharing social platform that’s popular with content creators.
  • LinkedIn:  this is a social platform that is specifically designed for the business community or professionals.

How Social Media Impact In Your Work Place?

Social media can positively or negatively impact your workplace. Brands are exploiting technology in order to enhance their performance and output. The digital landscape allows companies to monitor employee by their social media posts. Posting too much during work hours means that your overall productivity in your workplace will be low. 

However, the use of social media can also help build relationships between clients, customers, and employees. When employees have a strong relationship, it means that the overall productivity will be high. This is because they are able to work collectively as a team and cooperate.

Common Social Media Mistakes and Solutions

Having a social media presence in this age is important. But how you use it can affect your job prospects. A survey that was done by Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey indicates that more than 90 percent of recruiters are now using social networks to vet and find employees. So, what are some of the blunders that can ruin your job prospects? And how can you correct them?

Profile Picture

The only way you can improve your job prospects is by having a decent profile picture. You don’t need to go for a professional photo shoot for this and you can simply take a good shot with your smartphone. Profile picture mistakes such as uploading party pictures, guns, illegal drugs, and sexual content will quickly raise red flags with possible employers.  It’s okay to have fun with family and friends. But be cautious of what you upload because employers are not interested in seeing your riskier side. Note that most employers are noisy and they scrutinize even the tiniest bits of your personality.

Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation Issues

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation are all important tools for communication. All your social media accounts need to be well-polished. Who wants to high someone who can’t write grammatically correct sentences? If you can’t express your thoughts correctly, then this may also send the wrong signals to potential recruiters. Don’t forget that the use of profanity or abusive language will significantly reduce your chances of getting employed. 

Solution: Avoid writing posts with spelling errors. Correctly punctuate all your posts and your grammar should be polished. In addition to those, refraining from using profane language because you may come out as a violent or an abusive person.

Social Mistake

Endorsements and Comments

The comments and endorsements that you give on social media matter a lot. One of the top go-to sites for recruiters is LinkedIn. For most employers who use this site, they normally spend time going through the endorsements of a possible employee. The comments that you make on all the other social sites also matter.

Solution: If you are making comments or endorsements, ensure that they highlight your strengths. Avoid anything that may indicate your weakness.

Anxiety and Complaint Level

It’s possible for recruiters to learn about your personality and general wellbeing. If your opinions are always complaints, then this is a red flag. Learn how to deal with stress, especially work stress, without posting so much about it. Posting negative interactions with your coworkers or managers will send a negative brand image and this will generally affect the face of your company. No employer wants to deal with such.

Solution: Learn to process your thoughts first before posting them.

Inconsistency in Your Social Media Accounts

Your LinkedIn account may be amazing, but what about you’re other social media accounts? Do they represent the same person? If, for instance, a recruiter happens to bump on all your social accounts, will they see some form of consistency? If a recruiter notices an inconsistency in your social accounts, chances are that they will reconsider employing you. All your accounts need to positive and attractive to the next employer.

Political Preferences and Posts

A quick and sure way of turning off a prospective employer is posting your political opinions. Although it’s important to express yourself because politics affects everyone, it’s important that you minimize or simply avoid this.  recruiter will quickly move to the next candidate, especially if your political posts or views do not align with theirs.

Solution: Avoid filling your timeline with political posts and preferences.

The Bottom Line

Social media is good and every professional should have it. This is where you can share ideas with like-minded people and even propel your career to new heights. However, the way you use it can also be the reason that you miss possible great job prospects. So, make sure your posts and comments are decent and they highlight your strengths. 


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