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Seven Electronic Gadgets No One Would Want To Live Without

Humans like change, and with this love for change, they have come into a new era where technology is developing in the form of electronics every day. Technically people can live without these latest gadgets, but they would not want to.

Electronics makes life easier for people by creating, using, exchanging and managing information and understand data. Basically, without these gadgets life seems unlivable. Technology delivers for humans a grater purpose of problem solving and making their life better and relatively easier.

Here is a list of the latest technology that humans can surely live without, but no one would want to live without these awesome electronics ones they have bought and used them.

1- Samsung Galaxy-S9 and Galaxy S9+

The display is bezel-less infinity with 6.2 or 5.8 inches. The phone has snapdragon 845; stereo speakers and updated hardware. There is an increased 6GB RAM in the bigger phone and a 4GM RAM in the smaller phone. The phone also has a 12 MP camera.

The most amazing thing about this phone is that is has a IP68-rated waterproof body – which means that it can be kept under water at 5 feet for thirty minutes and nothing will happen to it. Additionally the phone has a wireless charger, expendable storage, audio jack and comes with a wired pair of ear buds by AKG.

2- L’Oreal UV sense

With the increased number of cancer related cases worldwide; and the closeness to electronics that increase human exposure to ultraviolet rays L’Oreal has made a tiny sensor that is capable of detecting exposure to ultraviolet. The sensor is small enough to ear on one’s fingernail and is battery-free. This UV sensor includes within it a NFC antenna and a temperature sensor.

The user wears the device using their smart phone and information regarding UV exposure is passed via an accompanying app to their smart phone. The UV sensor stores up to three months data and additionally provides tips to manage the sun intake. L’Oreal has designed the UV sense in such a way that when worn the electronics looks like a nail art piece.

3- Honda 3E-Robotics Concept

The new concept robots are just as cute as they are useful. The company has designed its 3E robotics concept electronics that has many robots designed to serve different functions. Of the robots one is the 3E-A18 social empathy robot that tries to propagate the idea of how compassionate and understanding robots can be for humans.

The robot’s face glows and changes expressions while meeting different people. One of the other robots of these series is the Honda 3E-B18 which is a robotic electronic chair that would be useful for the handicapped.

4- Samsung’s “the Wall” TV

Samsung believes that TVs should not be limited to any specific size, and the idea is followed through by them with the release of a new 146” inch TV, namely the wall.

Users can alter the shape and size of “the wall” allowing it to become a multipurpose functional display. This new TV uses microLED technology providing deeper black tones and infinite contrast making watching TV a better experience.

5- Lenovo ThinkPad X1-Carbon and Yoga

These new ThinkPad by Lenovo include HDR displays, far-field microphones (that can be used to speak to Microsoft Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa or the likes of them) and a physical webcam cover.

They run on eighth-generation processors with the best most impressive feature being the laptop’s HDR support which makes the display colors look vivid and bold.

6- Vuzix Blade-Augmented Reality Glasses

Alexa has somehow made its way into just about every internet connected product and so it arrives now in these smart glasses as well.

The Vuzix Blade Augmented reality glasses are supported by Alexa allowing the wearers to ask the glasses for things like weather updates and directions. The display in these smart glasses is much like the Google glass however it promises to be more colorful and crisp.

7- Alexa

Though not really an electronic, this one truly deserves a mention. Alexa is a software that is a visual assistance developed by Amazon. This VA software is able to interact with voice, set alarms, make a to-do list, play audio books, stream podcasts, and provide real-time information like weather updates, traffic information and sports commentary.

The software can also work as a home automation system and control multiple electronics smart devices at once. Alexa can be activated by the use of a wake-word e.g Echo or by the press of a button. The software is available for communication in three languages being English, German and Japanese.

The electronics discussed above are not necessarily basic requirements, but they go a long way in making life worth living. From helping us monitor our health habits to the sheer pride that comes with their ownership, it is indeed understandable why some of us cannot live without them.

Ashton Santiago
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