Meal Replacements: Complete Nutrition for Your Body

When it comes to meal replacement, the question always arises are they worth consuming. Whether it’s television commercials, posters on road, they are always talking about the merits of these food replacements. They come in various kinds of flavors that are tasty and humans always are attracted towards the taste. The main question is that, are they really nutritional or they are just advertising just for their sales, and even if they are nutritional then what are the best options to choose from these food replacements. Also, there are sections which contain meal replacements whether it is a medical store or a grocery store. 

History of Food Replacements: 

The business of the Meal Replacement Industry is large scale. Around the 70s these meal replacements became famous all around the world but basically in Europe. It became famous as nutrition in the can’ and generally was more useful for the patients in the hospital, who were having some trouble in eating food. There were a lot of meal replacements or we can say supplements. Many of the meal replacements were manufactured for the health-conscious adults who crave for supplements for their nutrition. Seussical and Boost were some of the famous meal replacements back then, and Boost is even manufactured and loved by many around the world. The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar was once the brand ambassador for the brand. 

What Meal Replacements Are? 

Nutrients are obtained from the food we eat and meal replacements are types of eatables that can be consumed instead of the normal food that we consume every day. These meal replacements carry a significant number of calories and nutrients. Nutrients include both macronutrients and micronutrients or we can say all kinds of minerals, vitamins, proteins etc. Most of the meal replacements are free from gluten and free from lactose. Generally, the food replacements are in the form of powders or shakes. Protein bars and ready to make packaged foods are also considered as food replacements.

Merits and Demerits of Meal Replacements 


  • Easily Available: 

Meal replacements are easily available and you can find them in any medical or groceries store. 

  • Ease of decision making: 

If you are using meal replacements then you don’t need to think about what to eat for gaining nutrients. 

  • Control of Calories: 

One advantage of meal replacements is that they are calorie controlled and you will get the right amount of calories for your body. 

  • Maintenance of Weight: 

Meal replacements help you control your weight and if you consume them on regular basis then you can maintain your weight efficiently. 

  • Nutritional Balance: 

Meal replacements are nutritionally balanced, providing you the right amount of nutrition for your body. 

  • Best Replacement for Patients: 

People who are suffering from any kind of illness can consume meal replacements so that they can fulfill their nutritional needs for their body. 

  • Scientifically Proven: 

Also, the scientists and various scientific institutions have given these best meal replacement shake, green light for consuming in place of normal food. 


If there are advantages of meal replacements then there are also disadvantages. 

  • Not all are Balanced: 

Not all the meal replacements are balanced nutritionally, some contain a higher number of calories that can be dangerous to some people suffering from diabetes. 

  • Incomplete Satisfaction: 

Meal replacements are good but they may provide dissatisfaction and people can crave for more meal. 

  • Limited Varieties: 

These meals come with fewer varieties and some people could get bored while eating the same thing and hence, ending up taking the meal replacements. 

Management of Diabetes 

These meal replacements can be really helpful for the people suffering from diabetes, as these food replacements help in controlling the sugar level in the blood. 

If you are unable to take breakfast in the morning then consuming meal replacement can fulfill your daily nutritional need and you can take them anytime you want. 

If you are job holder and your regular food intake is disturbed due to your job, then food replacements can help you, as you can consume meal replacements during your job that will complete the nutritional the value in your body that is reduced due to your routine. 

Also, if you are willing to take a meal replacement then you should consider a nutrition expert as he can tell you what meal replacements your body can handle.