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Mama June’s Epic Weight Loss Transformation

No other TV star has seen such an epic body transformation, at least in the past few years, as mama june’s weight loss transformation has shown the public. And love her or hate her, she has shown that she is dedicated and willing to go through the stress to shed off the excess weight in her reality TV show. 

Here are a couple of lessons you can learn about Mama June Weight Loss Journey 

Surgery’s Not a Permanent Solution

Most people looking for quick and easy solution weight loss solutions need to learn that there really are no easy or quick fixes. Even with the Gastric bypass, skin removal surgeries and a slew of other plastic surgeries, mama june weight loss goal was still not achieved. She still had to incorporate healthy diets and exercise regimens into her habits. In fact after her gastric bypass, she hit a weight loss plateau where she “just couldn’t lose any more weight”. So if you think you’ll gain a ton of weight and just go have surgery to get it all off, think again. 

Moreover surgery’s not something to be taken likely, she says “doing all of those surgeries really took a toll on me, not only physically but emotionally as well” and that’s discounting the tons of cash (over $70,000) she had to spend to lose all that weight. 

It’s Not OK To Skip the First Meal or Sleep In Till 1 PM 

About a year after losing weight, mama June came under fire for saying that she sleeps in until 1 pm so that she skips breakfast. According to her, that’s how she has managed to keep all that weight from returning back in full force. However, many experts have warned that this is an unhealthy way keep stay thin because starving yourself will just cause you to binge eat and crave sugar afterwards. 

If you’ve been following mama june weight loss progress, you’ll have noticed that she’s not the size 4 she was in 2017 anymore, and her habitual snacking habit is still has been the rise. So maybe skipping breakfast isn’t working all that well for her. Behinds, not a lot of people have that much free time to spend half of their day in bed. Someone’s got to pay the bills. 

As Hard As It May Seem, It’s Possible To Shed Off  Those Pounds – Just Don’t Give Up 

Mama June dropped from a whopping 462 lbs to 132 lbs. She lost more than 300 lbs. And that’s an incredible fit of its own, regardless of the multiple surgeries she went to achieve this. If you read more about surgeries, you’ll discover that it takes more than just going under the knife to lose weight. Mama June spent such a short time getting the body she wanted, perhaps because she was shooting a TV show, but someone with just as much dedication can lose that much weight. The key is to stay committed to the goal. 

Mama June says “take it one day at a time, don’t ever give up, you don’t have to be perfect, just take it at the pace you’re comfortable with”. 

Your Weight Loss Needs To Be All About You 

The why is just as important as the regimen you embark on to lose weight. In one of the “From Not To Hot” segments, mama June told viewers that she first wanted to lose weight to get revenge on her ex fiancé “sugar bear” when he got engaged to someone else. She says what motivated her to continue on her journey was that she decided “this should be about me, and making myself happy”. Because when it’s all said and done, you need to be able to look at your reflection and be contented with who and what you see. You need to be happy with the progress you’ve had, because that’s the only true motivation that will keep you going on tough days. 

Monitor Your Progress – It’s a Lifestyle, Not a One Time Thing

On how she has managed to keep herself from gaining back all that weight, even after a year, mama June says “I get on the scale religiously”, “I fluctuate, but the most I’ve gained is 5 pounds”. Knowing that she’s managed to stay thinner and healthier has been a source of pride for her. And even though she doesn’t embark on those grilling workouts she used to before, she is still a regular gym goer, and she’s very mindful of how she eats (despite been unable to give up her precious snacks). 

Bottom line 

If there’s any lesson you’ll need to pick from Mama June weight loss, it’s that she’s happy where she is now. And she did it all for herself. She was able to put the amount of work to get to a stable weight, and she’s sustaining it with a healthier lifestyle. 

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