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How to Get the Best Gaming PC

How to Get the Best Gaming PC

The world has turned into a digital platform where you can do most of the thing online. However, when it comes to entertainment, you may consider buying the best gaming pc which is designed with features to make your life interesting.  You may wish to know how to get a good gaming pc or if there is a good suggestion that you can rely on.

What is a Gaming PC?

Gaming pc are computers that are designed to make it easy for anyone to play games without them hanging. Dealing with other game consoles can very disappointing and you may not wish to get to that, a good solution will be to use these PCs.

How to Choose the Best Gaming PC

Every time you go to buy a new pc, you will have to very cautious and take some measures to ensure you get the bets pc out there. This is because different manufacturers include different features of which some may not be of help to you. So as a buying guide, here are the features you have to look for in any gaming PC.

Games You Play

Having known the kind of games you enjoy playing will help you to get a good pc. Among several pc out there, each has different component and design that can accommodate different games. Talk about the processors, graphics among other factors. When making a selection, keep in mind the system requirement for other games that you would like to play in the future.

  • CPU & Cooling

You can’t just waste money on a big pc for gaming alone, you may have other tasks that you would need the use of your pc. A good pc will have about 6 core processor to allow you to actively take parts in your gaming session and perform tasks like video editing and photo editing. However, this should not much affect your choice for you can use the resources to focus on other factors. A good gaming pc should have a CPU of Intel Core i5, i7 or i9

  • Storage

Storage plays an important role in any pc used for gaming. There are different options you can choose out there buts first you will need to know what you are after. When it comes to storage, think of the hard drives and solid state storage option. Keep in mind Also the storage size. The main reason why purchasing gaming pc with a storage solid state storage is that it can load pc games quickly, reduces noise and have fast booting time. They also use less power which can help you when you are concerned with saving your electric bill. When it comes to size, look for anything above 1TB whether SSD or HHD. This prevents storage limitations.

  • Memory

Computer use the ram to keeps track of every activity that goes on. So a good pc must have 8GB ram or anything above that. But a 16GB ram will make your work smoothly without having to compromise the performance of your pc.

  • Graphics Card 

A better graphics card allow you to have better images whenever you are playing. Anytime you want to purchase the best gaming PC 2019, then you will need to check on the high-end graphics card or the mid-range ones.  Still, you can have an option to change them in the future. 

  • Audio & Communication 

The best gaming pc has been designed with audio sounds that make it look real when you are playing the games. The sounds improve concentration on the game. Be sure that the pc is compatible with either a headset or work with a microphone 

  • Upgrading Ability 

As manufacturers keep improving the gaming industry, it’s pretty clear that some of these machines may not really be able to accommodate the new games. For you to avoid incurring the cost of buying a new PC, then you may consider purchasing one that can allow you to do some updates on the GPU, RAM or motherboard.

Gaming PC

Top 5 Gaming PC

Corsair One i160

Have you take your time to identify the best gaming PC, then Corsair One i160 falls first in our list. It provides you with the features that allow you to enjoy the real gaming session. It’s very powerful and with a sleek design to match your home decoration. There are no limitations as to the number of games you can load in this gaming PC because it has a storage space of 2TB HDD or 480GB M.2-SSD. The PC also has a RAM of 32GB that can handle most of the games that are available. The CPU is made up of Intel Core i7-9700K. In other models, you will be able to deal with Intel Core i9-9900K. This ensures you can run multiple programs and at the same time run 4K gaming. It uses Nvidia GeForce-RTX 2080 graphics

Alienware Aurora R7

Alienware Aurora R7 is engineered with the best features to improve the experience of those who enjoy gaming in the PCs. All the components have been fixed to gather to ensure you have a perfect PC that can be managed easily. It can be easily upgraded unlike other gaming PC in the market. Depending on the cost you are willing to allocate for this PC, you can get on with Intel core i5-i7 CPU. The ram can be upgraded from 8- 64GB but it comes with installed 8GB. It also has a storage of 1TB HDD. Keep everything you value in your PC as you load those games that occupy more storage without fear of the system crashing down. The graphics display is designed with Nvidia GeForce-GTX 1050 Ti-1080. This ensures the quality of your images is not affected.

MSI Infinite A

If you need a gaming PC that can run your game on a single click, then MSI Infinite A will make it easy for you. It works at 60fps but still maintains the quality of the images. It features a CPU with an Intel core~i7-7700 that can allow you to run multiple programs in your PC without it hanging.  It has a RAM of 16GB which can be good if you are connected with the speed at which your machine will be running. This gaming PC has storage of 2TB HDD. You can also upgrade it to 512GB SSD or 128GB SSD-2TB HDD. This feature allows you to install as many games as you like without space limitation.  It uses Nvidia GeForce-GTX 1060–1080 Ti graphics to improve the display quality

Intel Hades Canyon NUC

You may be wondering why this PC is falling under the best gaming PC 2019. But the truth is that its size is very convenient and can do much more than what you may have ever imagined. Its cost is very effective (below $1000) and anyone looking for the best gaming PC could easily get one for himself. It possesses a CPU with an Intel Core i7-8809G (8 generation computer). It operates with an AMD Radeon graphics for a better display which makes it the best gaming laptop. One thing you have to know is that it does not come with preinstalled storage, RAM and OS. This gives you the opportunity to install the ram size that will prove to be effective for your tasks. Depending on whatever you want to store or the number of games you need to install, you could include your own storage and operating system.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Y900

This is designed to meet all the needs of the user as it will not require you to use any tool. The design makes it very attractive and the red lights that are placed all over this gaming PC will certainly make you like it. You will see a textured pattern in the front of the chassis it comes with a RAM of 8GB -16GB DDR4. The ram can be expanded to 64GB. It offers the storage of 1TB HDD-2TB HDD the CPU operates on Intel Core i5-6600K to i7-6700K. This enhances the speed at which the machine executes the instructions and make the gaming session to be very impressive. For the sake of good graphics, you will find it with Nvidia GeForce-GTX 1070-1080 graphics. This PC also offers SLI support so any user will operate it without any trouble.

Final Thoughts

This review is meant to help you get to the best gaming PC. When it comes to buying, we suggest that you look for a PC that can fit into your budget. There are several online stores that deal with these machines and you can order them online as you wait for the delivery. The best one is Amazon. Always ensure you check on the warranty length. 

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