8 Amazing Software and Apps that keep you more productive

To get through every day with its buzzing fuzziness can be quite tiring. Smart people always try to get so many things done all at once and end up getting only little done completely.

Some of the activities that inhibit our productivity are sometimes very trivial (or not), but the point is that they get in the way of all the things we try to do daily!

How then can a truly smart mind spend more time “doing” than just randomly thinking about stuff?

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ~ Bruce Lee

Well, you say “you need a way to keep things in your mind tidy”. Say no more!

Here are some very important apps and software tools that can be your personal assistants, and you get a bonus of looking really cool when you use them!

Here you go!

1. Google Keep

Google keep is simply a note-taking app. When you are finally concentrating and something else pops in your mind, you can fire up your google keep on your Android or iOS device, note them down real quick and expect that the tiny software will remind you later – when required. It allows you attach photos and make voice notes too. Google keep is very attractive since it has color codes (which helps you organize your notes effectively) and gets them across all your devices.

2. Buffer

The buffer is helpful with social media management. You sometimes want to make posts to different social media accounts and schedule those posts too, a buffer is all that and more. It’s an app that helps you schedule posts across multiple accounts, feeds you with detailed analytics and insights to help you know when it’s best to schedule your posts for as well as other features as link shortening (which is great for Twitter, which has a limit of characters per tweet) and content creation tool! This software is great!

3. Forest

Forest is a time management app. One minute you are very serious about completing a task within the next few minutes, then bam! You’re scrolling through twitter and emails and googling around your phone. Forest helps set a timer for a period when you will work without checking your phone (the Pomodoro system of time management). You’re not to check your phone within this set timeframe.

How forest works is this; if you’re able to complete your timeframe without checking your phone, you grow a tree. If you don’t, the tree dies. You’ll eventually be able to look back and see how many trees you’ve been able to grow over the weeks.

4. Hours

“Hours” is great for auditing your time use. It tracks how much time you spend working on a project or task. It’s great for freelancers. But really, it’s an amazing app for everyone who needs to keep track of time. It’s available as a web app and a mobile software too.

5. Trello

Trello is great for managing projects and tasks. It helps with organizing tasks into categories as well as who a specific task is assigned to. It doesn’t just stop there. Trello also has a functionality that helps a smart mind prioritize tasks. It’s an amazing to-do list app!

6. Strides

A great software indeed! Do you want to form habits? Get Strides right now. Strides is a great motivational app. It lets you create habits, then it tracks these habits for you. It provides insights and statistics as to how one is performing on their new habits. If you are looking for an app that supports your new positive resolutions, get Strides.

7. Newton

Most times your inbox gets really fuzzy from numerous promotional emails coming in from diverse subscriptions, it gets really difficult to track your work emails. Newton takes away such problems, it collects your customers’ emails and keeps track of them on your behalf. It also reminds you to respond to their correspondence. Great software.


8. Blinkist

Blinkist summarizes non-fiction books and feeds you a 15 minutes read of those books. It’s an important app for researchers but also for ambitious people seeking self-improvement daily, there is always something to learn and Blinkist is the software that assists you on that journey of knowledge. With this app, you become the avatar of books!

Amazing list of software! There numerous apps out there that do quite wonderful job of helping users achieve goals and stay highly productive and more will still come along to address most of our distractions. It is important though to ensure that each app is evaluated and the level of productivity is actually the best and keeps getting better. To all, you ambitious smart brains, stay productive! Always a pleasure!