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5 Profile Picture Mistakes to Avoid and Improve Upon

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, prospective recruiters always look to your face to get something about your personality. This is the reason that you must have a professional photo if you want to market yourself online. A headshot humanizes you and differentiates you from others. To help someone who is interested in finding the right job, we are going to discuss five mistakes that are commonly made by job seekers to avoid and improve your job prospects.

Not Having a Professional Photograph

A profile picture that you use on all your social media accounts and other professional accounts is the cornerstone of your brand. If you have not put a picture on your LinkedIn page, for example, there’s a good chance the hiring officer will search online for your image to get an idea of who you are. Having great photos from headshots Los Angeles can be an opportunity towards landing your next job. This is the bottom line and a point that most people don’t get at the start.

Wearing Inauthentic Clothing

If you don’t put on a tie while going to work, then don’t try to put one on when taking headshots. Make sure to keep your clothing as simple as possible. No zigzags, fluorescent colors, or wild designs. Instead, dress in clothes that have calm colors, and that is in line with your personal lifestyle. Headshots Los Angeles will ask you to bring multiple outfits when taking your portrait so that you can find the one that works with you.

Not Practicing Facial Expressions

Having an off facial expression is one of the most common mistakes that people make. During shooting, avoid an ear-splitting grin because this will make you look overeager and fake. More so, it is bad to make a glare on your portrait. All in all, is there someone willing to hire a guy without a personality? Just stick to a slight smile and skip the poses. To strike a serious face is not too bad for corporate guys, but putting on a grin can make you seem approachable and welcoming.

Trying to Use Out of Date Photos

Profile pictures usually don’t age like fine wine. In short, just because you have a photo that you took ten years ago doesn’t necessarily mean that people will look at past your popped collars and highlights. However, if you pay attention to details and be consistent enough you can still look great as you get older.

Things like ensuring that you apply moisturizers to your skin on a daily routine have a long-lasting effect that becomes apparent over time. It’s recommended that you updated your profile picture every two years at most, or anytime you change your appearance drastically. Stale profile pictures can be a suggestion that you are far behind the times, which is a red flag in the innovation heavy market.

Poor Lighting, or a Busy Background

When putting up a profile picture, you probably want people to focus on you, not your background or random objects. You will definitely like headshots Los Angeles because they will balance the portrait lighting and make your photo have a solid background. Just another reason to use a professional photographer instead of your friend that has a nice camera.


Given the common mistakes we have discussed, it’s easy to think that getting a headshot might be difficult to do. However, it’s really not! We recommend that you use this information, and jump headfirst into finding the right place for you. Do your research, set up the right day, and get your outfit ready. Remember that staying relaxed is of the utmost importance. Now that you are armed with the knowledge, we know you’ll find the perfect spot for you to get those perfect shots.


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